05.26.2018: Delia Bradbury – Planetary Phase I

01.28.2018: Tara Rice – ‘Blue Moon’ (The Music Video)

A ukulele version of the classic ‘Blue Moon’ recorded for the Supermoon Blue Blood Eclipse Event of January 31st, 2018. Vocals, ukulele, guitars, bass, drums and all the sounds recorded and performed by Tara Rice at Studio Organik II. She also made this music video.

07.01.2017: Kanada Day – ‘The Anthem’ (The Music Video)

Kanada Day celebrates the 150th birthday of Canada by questioning its colonial roots. Watch the music video for “The Anthem“.

05.27.2017: Delia Bradbury – ‘In Search Of Atlantis’

Happy Drone Day! Delia Bradbury’s debut takes to the seas in a submarine “In Search of Atlantis“.

01.10.2017: Tara Rice – ‘Suddenly Mortality’ (The Music Video)

A new song & video from Tara Rice “to let it live its frequency in the world and transmute grief into comfort, dark into light, isolation into connectedness and do whatever else it is meant to do in its most simple form.”

06.21.2016: Crop Circles & Sacred Geometry (Tees & Tanks)

Do we have permission to land? Crop circles. Whether they are the enigmatic emblems of extraterrestrial origins or a human hoax, they invite introspection as to our place and purpose in this divine drama. And they make great T-shirts & tank tops! Check out the designs here!

02.14.16. Night Flowers – Freak Me Out (The Single)

Instead of wasting money on dead roses, chocolate, or cards, why not write a poem from your heart for your lover? At a loss of where to start? Tell them that this song reminds you of them and their participation in a holiday that commodifies love. Go from there. Try to make it rhyme!

10.16.15: Kanada Day – ‘To An End’ (The Music Video)

In the style of the Canada Revenue Agency audit-inducing ‘Crime Minister’, Kanada Day’s latest animated music video, ‘To An End‘ preemptively celebrates the end of Stephen Harper’s Decade of Deception.

07.01.15: Kanada Day – Public Service Announcement (EP)

Today, Kanada Day releases the new 5 song extended play, Public Service Announcement, featuring the singles ‘Crime Minister’ and ‘8 Minutes of Sun’. Happy Canada Day!

08.11.14: Tara Rice – ‘No Harm’ (The Music Video)

Tara Rice releases her new music video for the song, ‘No Harm‘ from her latest album, Panorama. The video was shot using natural lighting, filmed entirely on an iPhone by Sködt McNalty for strange//attraktor:

12.03.13: Tara Rice – ‘Oh, Tim’ (The Music Video)

Tara Rice releases a black and white music video to accompany her ode to psychedelic pioneer, Timothy Leary, in the song ‘Oh, Tim‘ from her new extended play, Panorama.

09.16.13: 5th PROJEKT – Chaos (The Music Video)

Celebrating their tenth anniversary, 5th PROJEKT release their new music video for the song ‘Chaos‘ from their new album, Gamma-Wave Rhythm.

08.16.13: Tara Rice – Panorama (EP)

Panorama’, the 6-song EP from Toronto-based artist Tara Rice, gently urges the imagination to reach for new interpretations; a peeling back of the story, layer by layer, in an effort to give way to a holistic, panoramic view.

06.25.13: 5th PROJEKT – Tonight (The Music Video)

Accompanying their new album, Gamma-Wave Rhythm, 5th PROJEKT have released a music video for the new song, ‘Tonight‘ compiled of sunset footage taken traveling abroad.

06.20.13: 5th PROJEKT – Gamma-Wave Rhythm (EP)

Inspired by the gamma state, or ‘The Zone’ this 6 song extended play is a stylistic evolution from 5th PROJEKT’s previous release, V, pushing the ambient boundaries of their sonic ambitions into a new vibration.