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Crop Circles: Aerial Agriglyph Tee (Unisex)


Do we have permission to land? Crop circles. Whether they are the enigmatic emblems of extraterrestrial origins or a human hoax, they invite introspection as to our place and purpose in this divine drama. And they make great T-shirts!

The beautiful Aerial Agriglyph design. A flower from space in all its quadrisymmetrical glory. The frequency of this design infuses you and everyone who sees it with a sense of wonder and connectedness, creating the most heavenly harmonies.

Water based, non-toxic Arcturian-blue ink on a crisp, white 100% cotton t-shirt from American Apparel or H&M.

Pre-washed, pre-shrunk and hand-silkscreened especially for you.

Size Chart (inches):

S: Chest 34-36, Waist 30-32
M: Chest 38-40, Waist 32-33
L: Chest 42-44, Waist 33-34
XL: Chest 46-48, Waist 36-38



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