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Sacred Geometry: Merkaba Tee (Unisex)


Symbols carry energy, and some symbols are considered high-vibrational and sacred. Sacred geometry reflects the fundamental shapes found in nature, in cellular structures and in fractals. They have been used for centuries in spiritual art and architecture and carry most excellent frequencies!

The sacred Merkaba design enables us to feel unconditional love, thus healing ourselves as well as others. It gives us the possibility of creating any kind of harmonious reality we desire. It is also a tool that can be used to transcend into other dimensions. Ancient egyptian for rotating light (Mer) that takes the spirit (Ka) and the body (Ba) from one world into another.

And it looks great on a t-shirt! Water based, non-toxic gold ink on a soft, teal 100% cotton t-shirt from Toronto-based, eco-friendly and socially conscious textile company, Jerico.

Pre-washed, pre-shrunk and hand-silkscreened especially for you.

Size Chart (inches):

S: Chest 38, Length 35
M: Chest 41, Length 27
L: Chest 44, Length 28
XL: Chest 47, Length 30