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Sacred Geometry: Seed of Life Tee (Male|Female)


Symbols carry energy, and some symbols are considered high-vibrational and sacred. Sacred geometry reflects the fundamental shapes found in nature, in cellular structures and in fractals. They have been used for centuries in spiritual art and architecture.

The Seed of Life is a sacred symbol that represents the manifestation of a vibrating pattern that physically manifests into matter to create the reality we live in. And it looks great on a t-shirt!

Water based, non-toxic white rose ink on a soft, retro red 100% cotton t-shirt from Toronto-based, eco-friendly and socially conscious textile company, Jerico.

Pre-washed, pre-shrunk and hand-silkscreened especially for you.

Size Chart (inches):

Unisex Sizes
S: Chest 38, Length 35
M: Chest 41, Length 27
L: Chest 44, Length 28
XL: Chest 47, Length 30

Women’s Sizes
S: Chest 34, Length 25
M: Chest 36, Length 25
L: Chest 38, Length 26
XL: Chest 40, Length 27